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If you are looking for specialist advise and direction on buying farm land in Thailand then look no further, we have a dedicated native team of Thai advisers who can take you in the right direction when it comes to investing and buying farm land in thailand
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If you are looking to get into the agriculture industry in thailand and are a foreigner you have extra rules you need to follow, we have a team of experts in this field ready to advise and help you find the right farm investment that suits your budget and needs
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We specialize specifically in farm land investment, where you can come in and help develop land to be the farm you dream about, we have a presence in Chiang Mai and access to an endless supply of farm land that is ready to be sold.
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Our business is based on connecting people looking to invest in farm land in Thailand and how they can get started. We have access to an endless amount of sellers who are looking to connect with serious buyers who want to get started in farming. We can provide you with a list of suitable locations and prices along with the right information to get started.
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Owning farm land in Thailand

Farm land ownership is a worthwhile investment. However, the process of land ownership can be complicated in regions such as Thailand, which means consulting an expert has massive benefits to your endeavour.

In fact, there are numerous cases of expatriates who have bought land in Thailand under the name of their spouses, absent of legal protection in the event of a dispute, and ultimately lost it, so we advise covering yourself and working with an agency such as ourselves when it comes to undertaking this massive task.

When it comes to buying farm land in Thailand there are a few elements you will need to know about buying and selling land in Thailand.
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The Thailand real estate market has blossomed over the last decade, and more and more foreigners are considering living in Thailand. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of people interested in buying and owning farm land here, as well as those interested in selling. One of the critical points to note is that foreigners cannot own land in Thailand, but a company registered in Thailand, on the other hand, can own land. Therefore, a foreigner could consider opening a company to this respect.

There are numerous restrictions to foreign land ownership in Thailand. For instance, while a foreigner who is married to a national of Thailand can own land, the non-Thai spouse is required to state that they hold no rights over the land. This in essence means that he or she is effectively waiving any and all rights or claims to the property. Secondly, while a foreigner can buy land in Thailand, this land cannot be in their name. Therefore, the ownership of the land has to be in the name of the Thai spouse.

As a result, most foreigners who purchase land in the name of their spouses or girlfriends end up losing this land in the event of disputes or divorce. Therefore, unless you purchase the piece of land through your Thailand registered company, you are essentially buying that land for your spouse.
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Farming in Thailand has adapted to the climate change

Farm lands in Thailand

Farming in Thailand is basically practiced in the rural parts of the country leaving space for industries and factories and residential houses in the urban areas. In these rural areas, large scale farming is the common agricultural norm.

Rice farming is the countries’ stable agricultural product and most adapted to both farmers and the government. Other than rice farming, large scale fish farming is another adopted practice to Thailand farmers. A notable agricultural norm in Thailand is the aspect of leasing out land.

The greatest challenge for Thailand farming is the adverse climate change, and with this change bring about drought in the country making it hard to farm especially considering rice and fish farming require flooding masses of water throughout, but with these climate changes, the lands and people have adapted better than ever where farmers have gradually adapted other crops that are drought resistant, such as tapioca, sugarcane, rubber and livestock.
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Rice has been the lifeline of Thai people

A history of farming in Thailand

Rice has sustained Thai people for as long as five thousand years. Farming and agriculture have a great tradition and rice production is often called the "backbone of Thailand".

Farming and agriculture in Thailand dates to the Neolithic Revolution. Agriculture developed mostly in the flood plains, where areas in hills and mountains that were heavily wooded or areas in the rain shadow were much less important to the historic agriculture's, as they do not classify as profitable farm land, which is admitted also in the present day.

Thailand has not been colonized by the British but it's market influenced Thailand in ways such as production, development of technology and diversity in crops with the economy has grown steadily until 1980's when the population growth was too fast for agriculture to keep up, with the issue being solved by government investments into development of more intensive growing and the crisis has been successfully averted, since then, unemployment and starvation issues have also rapidly improved along with the requirement for investment
Livestock Farming
Farming In Chiang Mai
There are many different types of farming carried out in Thailand

Farming in Chiang Mai

Farming is the activity that involves growing of crops and rearing of livestock. It is done either for domestic or commercial purposes and farming in Thailand has been known to be highly successful.

Some of the crops grown in Thailand include rice, which is a major export internationally, as well as grain and sugar. Discussed below are some of the types of farming that can be achieved in Thailand.

Arable farming
This is a type of farming whereby someone only practices growing of crops such as rice in Thailand.

Pastoral farming
This involves keeping of livestock on a piece of land. This type of farming can be achieved in Thailand due to its favorable weather.

Mixed farming
When a farmer grows crops and keeps livestock as well, this is referred to as mixed farming. This type of farming can be achieved in Thailand. For example a farmer can grow rice and keep fish as well.

Subsistence farming
This is a type of farming whereby the farmer grows crops for his domestic consumption only.

Commercial farming
This is the type of farming whereby crops are grown mainly for sale. Crops such as rice have been Thailand’s highly successful exports.

Having discussed the various types of farming that can be achieved in Thailand, it is therefore important to note that farming has contributed greatly to the economic growth of Thailand.
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